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Issue 70
August 2015
Av 5775

Dear Reader ,


Yes, it's that time of year again! Here at PaL we are getting ready for our very own, annual pre Rosh Hashana PaL lecture with Rabbi Paysach Krohn.  The topic will be "Giving That Leads to Geulah, With Your Heart, Soul and Time".


I would like to use this opportunity to extend a personal invitation to everyone at PaL and I am looking forward to meeting you all at the event.

You can find out about events of interest in our Round Up below, alternatively you could pick up a new Jewish book to study - take a look at the new releases we've highlighted.   

Wishing everyone at PaL a wonderful and refreshing summer break!       


Warm regards


Rochel Taylor
Programme Coordinator 
Round Up...

An Overview of Events in the Community



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Tuesday 8th September 

@8:00pm doors open @7:15pm

Finchley Synagogue, Kinloss Gardens

"Giving That Leads to Geulah, With Your Heart, Soul and Time" - with Rabbi Paysach Krohn.

For more information call Rochel on 

020 8455 3118

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Every Wednesday from 29th July - 26th August @9:15pm

152 - 154 Golders Green Road

Summer series of mini-lectures on various topics of Jewish thought with different speakers.

For more info call 020 8458 4588



Every Friday from 11th September 2015 @10:00 - 11:00am

@ seed - Edgware

Cost £4 per session £2 per sibling

seed's amazing Friday morning party
with a blend of music and fun for
mums and their little ones! 

For more details contact Debbie at debbie@seed.uk.net or 07956 033 919 

Ask the Rabbi 
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag...

I was in the supermarket choosing some fruit and vegetables when I recalled that this year is Shemita  Am I allowed to buy Israeli products and, if I do, what do I do with them? Also can you explain the concept of Shemita?


Shemita is Shabbat for the Land of Israel, during which agriculture there is restricted and divine ownership of the Holy Land is emphasised.


During the Shemita (7th) year of the agricultural cycle, fruits grown in Israel are invested with kedushat shevi'it (7th-year sanctity) and must be treated according to special guidelines - they should be used only for Jewish consumption and any waste kept aside and not disposed of until it has rotted.  Most vegetables are governed by additional rules (they are known technically as 'sefichim') and are forbidden by Rabbinic law.  One should check for bulletins in Jewish newspapers or online to determine which foods are affected by these rules and when.


It is questionable whether Israeli produce should be exported, and ideally, one should avoid it (do, however, find other ways to support the Israeli economy).  Fruits bought in error may be eaten but must be treated as holy (see above).  Vegetables should be left to rot and then disposed of.  These laws are complicated - this is only the barest outline and guidance should be sought on a case-by-case basis.






  New Releases  
Living Shabbos
Rabbi David Sutton 
From Me to We
Heroic Children
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