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Issue 88
February 2017
Shevat 5777

Dear Reader, 

I hope that you have had a busy and productive month. Here at PaL we have been busy setting up new learning partnerships and following up on existing ones. Your commitment to learning with PaL is fantastic and we always enjoy hearing how tutors and partners alike gain from their learning sessions. 

Many of you have completed books or topics they set out to learn together and will enjoy celebrating their achievement and choosing something new to study. Please do share this with us too! 
You can find out about events of interest in our Round Up below.  Or you could simply decide to pick up a new Jewish book to study - take a look at the new releases we've highlighted.
Warm regards

Rivka Graham 
Programme Coordinator
Round Up...
An Overview of Events in the Community

A Bug's life
Practical and halakhic guidelines on how to insure the produce you serve yourself, family and friends is insect-free.
Sunday 12th February 8:00pm
Presented by Rabbi Hillel Simon
For more info visit: www.kesher.org.uk

Knowing & Growing
Rebbetzin Sara Meisels will be speaking to ladies and girls on Sunday 19th February at 8:15pm, doors open at 7:45pm.  At Hasmonean Boys School, Holders Hill Road, London NW4. Donation £7.  For more information visit www.orah.org.uk

Acquiring Simcha in a Hectic Life
Rabbi Reuven Stepsky will be giving a special Rosh Chodesh shiur for women on Wednesday 22nd February at 8.15pm
Entrance by donation - pre-booking only
for venue details, to book and more info please call Shuli on 07421 357 092
or email admin@shemabni.org.uk
Ask the Rabbi 
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag... 
Q: Why do we put a Mezuza on our doors? 
A: A Mezuza is a hand-written scroll attached to the right-hand door-post of all doors and entrances of Jewish homes (except for bathrooms).  The Torah prescribes that passages excerpted from Devarim 6 and 11 - known as the Shema, after their opening word - should be written 'upon the door-posts of your houses and your gates', meaning that those very passages, written on parchment by a scribe in special font, should be fixed to our homes and places of work.  The text itself proclaims the unity of God, our obligation to love God through Torah study and Mitzvah observance and the notion of reward and punishment.  These passages are considered to be central to Jewish belief and practice and feature in daily prayer as well as in the Tefillin - boxes and straps worn by adult men during weekday prayer.  The core message of Judaism permeates our homes and places of work, as well as our ritual life.  Some also suggest that the Mezuza offers protection to those inside.
Are you a Parsha Partner?


Parsha Partner is an all-colour interactive weekly sedra sheet distributed by PaL in association with Partners in Torah.

Click here to send an email requesting to be added to the Parsha Partner distribution list!


Parsha Partner contains divrei Torah, inspirational thoughts on tefilla as well as illuminating ideas on the weekly sedra.   
  New Releases 
Illuminsations of the Maggid
Rabbi Paysach Krohn
Countless stories, in Rabbi Paysach Krohn's inimitable, infectious style
Go To Yourself
Aryeh Sampson
Insights from Jewish Wisdom together with tools from modern pshychology to form a unique approach to self-development 
Emunah with Love and Chicken Soup
Sara Yocheved Rigler
  Read about Henny Machlis - The Brooklyn born girl who became a Jerusalem legend
Save 10%!   
With thanks to PaL's Judaica suppliers Torah Treasures (NW11), Judaica World (Manchester) and Brauns Judaica (N16) a 10% discount is offered on every book purchase made for your PaL partnership!

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