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Issue 92
June 2017
Sivan 5777

Dear Reader, 

Once again, PaL is thrilled to be participating in the annual Maccabi GB Community Fun Run on Sunday 11th June. Make sure to come to the charity fair and visit the PaL stand and try out our exciting activity.  


You can find out about events of interest in our Round Up below.  Or you could simply decide to pick up a new Jewish book to study - take a look at the new releases we've highlighted.   

Hope you have a wonderful Shavuos! 

Warm regards

Rivka Graham 
Programme Coordinator
Round Up...
An Overview of Events in the Community

Spiritual Spa Shavuos 5777
Climbing the ladder: The deeper meaning of Sefirat Ha'Omer
with Rebbetzin Ruthie Simon and friends
Thursday 1st June 6:30pm 
Light refreshments
At a private home in NW11
For more info call Ruthie 07500 116 975
Dessert with friends
Enjoy a wonderful Shabbat atmosphere with great friends and delicious desserts.  
Friday 16th June @ The Mayerfeld Lounge from 9:30 pm 
Ages 22-35

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Rabbi Tatz on Marriage
Attend with your spouse far a 3 week programme. Be inspired to achieve even greater happiness in your marriage.
Dates: Tuesdays 13, 20 & 27 June
Time: Dinner @ 19:30 followed by Rabbi Tatz at 20:00
Cost: £35 for all 3 weeks (per couple) or £15 per week per couple
For any questions and to sign up please contact 
Ask the Rabbi 
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag... 
QI was discussing with my tutor about an upcoming family barbeque we are hosting. My tutor mentioned it may be a problem to barbeque fish and meat at the same time, can you clarify whether it is a problem and, if so, why?
ABarbeques are popular at this time of year, if the weather stays dry for a bit.  Most kosher butchers sell a good range of BBQ meats, so it should be straightforward in terms of kashus, but there is one rule to look out for - avoiding cooking fish and meat together.  Of course, fish is technically pareve - certainly not meaty, but the Talmud mentions a concern about cooking or eating meat and fish together.  The reason for this is not clear, but it appears to be a metaphysical issue.  As such, fish and meat should not be cooked together on a BBQ; if you want to cook fish after the meat has been removed, clean the surface first to remove any remaining food.
Are you a Parsha Partner?

 Parsha Partner is an all-colour interactive weekly sedra sheet distributed by PaL in association with Partners in Torah.

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Parsha Partner contains divrei Torah, inspirational thoughts on tefilla as well as illuminating ideas on the weekly sedra.   
  New Releases 
From Me to We 
Shifrah Devorah Witt
  A guide to the first year of marriage... and beyond
Where the Heavens Kiss the Earth
Rabbi Karmi Ingber
 A comprehensive, transformative, enlightening book that reveals the deepest mysteries of life in an entertaining, user- friendly way
Journey of Faith
Rabbi Yonasan David Arenias
(Menucha publishers)
 Enjoy and understand Sefer Bamidbar like never before
Save 10%!   
With thanks to PaL's Judaica suppliers Torah Treasures (NW11), Judaica World (Manchester) and Brauns Judaica (N16) a 10% discount is offered on every book purchase made for your PaL partnership!

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0161 773 4956

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