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Issue 93
July 2017
Tammuz 5777

Dear Reader, 

We have had an action packed month at PaL.  After our busy stall at the Maccabi Fun Run and 'Meet & Greet' evening in Borehamwood, we are delighted to welcome the many new Partners and Tutors who signed up to learn. We look forward to setting up these new learning partnerships soon. 

You can find out about events of interest in our Round Up below.  Or you could simply decide to pick up a new Jewish book to study - take a look at the new releases we've highlighted.   

Warm regards

Rivka Graham 
Programme Coordinator
Round Up...
An Overview of Events in the Community

Fast of Tammuz 5777
Tuesday 11th July Mincha 8:45pm followed by shiur with Rabbi Rashi Simon on, 'Between Exile and Redemption: The Dark Mystique of the Fast of Tammuz.' 
Kesher Community Centre, 933 Finchley NW11 7PE
Men and Women welcome.  For more info call Lorna on: 0208 458 5836
Jazz on the Green
Annual Jazz on the Green is back on Sunday 9th July in North West London at 3pm.
For more information visit: www.aish.org.uk

Women of the Book
Reflections of Biblical Women in Yehoshua and Shoftim
Sunday 2nd July 8:30pm Shimshon's Mother - Liat Meyerfeld
Sunday 9th July 8:30pm Delilah - Michal Smith
Sunday 16th July 8:30pm Yael - Yael Hamer
Michael Sobell JCC, 221 Golders Green Road, London NW11 9DQ
Ask the Rabbi 
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag... 
QI was typing out some verses from the Torah including the name of Hashem, and was wondering do typed material, and words appearing on screens have any holiness and need they be treated like a printed Chumash or Siddur?
AWhen a divine name appears in writing or in print, it is considered a holy item, which must be treated with due reverence.  This means that the text should not be erased nor disposed of in a conventional way. Hebrew study or prayer texts that include divine names are buried when they can no longer be used and Jewish cemeteries and some communities have facilities for this.  When the divine name is written in another language, such as English, opinions differ, but all agree that the text should be treated carefully.  This is why some people write the divine name G-d rather than in full.  Images - such as those that appear on computer or phone screens - are not recognised by halacha as actual, physical writing.  As such, it is permitted to delete or overwrite digital divine names.
Are you a Parsha Partner?

 Parsha Partner is an all-colour interactive weekly sedra sheet distributed by PaL in association with Partners in Torah.

Click here to send an email requesting to be added to the Parsha Partner distribution list!


Parsha Partner contains divrei Torah, inspirational thoughts on tefilla as well as illuminating ideas on the weekly sedra.   
  New Releases 
Rabbi Frand on the Parashah 3 
Rabbi Yissocher Frand
   More wisdom and insights to enhance Shabbos meals and celebrations throughout the year
Amazing Women
Fradi Adams
(Menucha publishers) 
What do a movie director, kidney donor, tae kwon do black belt, chef, and cellist all have in common
These are ordinary women like us who are making an impact on the world. Read about their lives and be inspired.
The Emunah Reality
Rabbi Moshe Goldstein
 Bring life into focus with Emunah
Save 10%!   
With thanks to PaL's Judaica suppliers Torah Treasures (NW11), Judaica World (Manchester) and Brauns Judaica (N16) a 10% discount is offered on every book purchase made for your PaL partnership!

Torah Treasures
020 8458 8289  

Judaica World
0161 773 4956

Brauns Judaica
020 8809 9393
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