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February 2018
Shevat 5778
Issue 100

We are celebrating our 100th monthly newsletter with a new look!  This past month we went to Southend and Westcliff Hebrew Congregation where Rabbi Silkin gave a wonderful lecture on 'Seven Wonders of Jewish History'.  Looking forward to welcoming the new PaL partners in Southend to the PaL family.     
Book recommendation
'Master your Words, Master your Life' 
Daily readings produced by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation will change your words, and your life, as you harness the awesome power of your speech.
To order contact Torah Treasures on: 
0208 458 8289

Community event
Kesher is hosting a Persian Friday night dinner on 9th February Mincha 4:50 Dinner 6:30 with international guest and educational innovator Ronnie Halibard 
RSVP to Leona on 0208 458 5836 or connect@kesher.org.uk
Did you know?
Not long until Purim.... 
'Until he no longer knows' (Megillah 7b) - It is a Purim tradition to drink until you can't discern between: "Cursed be Haman" or "Blessed be Mordechai" Both these phrases have the same gematria (numerical value) of 502
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