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March 2018
Adar 5778
Issue 101

Its Purim, such an exciting time of year!  This past month we had a fantastic event kindly hosted by Aish Essex, where we introduced the concept of PaL's flexible learning opportunities to a wonderful group of young mums.  Looking forward to welcoming the new PaL partners in Ilford to the PaL family.

Wishing you all Purim Sameach!       

Book recommendation
'Living Shabbos' 
Shabbos can be a day to relax from the weekly grind or enjoy great food. But it can be so much more. This essential book shows us how not only to observe Shabbos - but how to really live it.
To order contact Torah Treasures on: 
0208 458 8289

Community event
Professionals Beis Medrash is hosting a Sunday morning Learn & Breakfast event for men at EAYC on Sunday 11th March from 9:15 - 10:45.  Come join for an in-depth study of gambling, guessing and risk.  Cost £10.  To sign up visit: 

Refer a friend
Spread the word about the flexible learning opportunities we offer.  Tell your friends and family members who might be interested in learning with PaL how easy it is to sign up. Visit www.phoneandlearn.org  or email: info@phoneandlearn.org 
or call: 0800 055 3276

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