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April 2018
Nissan 5778
Issue 102

It's Pesach - one of the highlights of the Jewish year, we hope that you have all enjoyed preparing for this yom tov through your PaL partnership.  The PaL office is currently closed and will be re-opening on Monday 9th April.  If you have any questions about your learning sessions or would like advise on which topics to pursuit with your learning partner, please contact us. 

Wishing you all a chag kasher ve'sameach!     

Book recommendation
'Just One Word Emunah' 
Stories showing effective techniques and ideas for planting emunah (belief in G-d) firmly into our hearts and our lives giving us the strength to deal with whatever G-d has sent us with calmness and joy. 
To order contact Torah Treasures on: 
0208 458 8289

Ask the Rabbi
Q: I will be staying in a hotel on Pesach. How should I deal with the chometz beverages in the mini bar?
A: Simply seal the bar on arrival and ignore the contents.  As the drinks aren't yours they are of no concern.


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