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June 2018
Sivan 5778
Issue 104

Hope you all enjoyed a month of long weekends, plenty of sun and celebrating Shavuos.  We have been busy matching up many new tutors and partners, advising them on which topics to learn, and supporting them in their learning partnerships.  Looking forward to another busy month ahead!

Ask The Rabbi
Q. Am I allowed to eat fish and meat together?
A. It may sound a little strange, but even though kosher fish and kosher meat are allowed separately, it is not permitted to eat them together. This prohibition is mentioned in the Talmud and appears to be for for metaphysical reasons which are not well understood. It is permitted to eat fish and meat consecutively, just not together. 
Upcoming event
Maccabi GB Community Fun Run, Sunday 24th June 9:30am - 3:00pm at
Allianz Park, London, NW4 1RL.  Its a fun filled family even with free entrance.  Come to support your friends / family who are running.  Make sure to visit us at the PaL stand! 


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PaL how easy it is to sign up. Visit www.phoneandlearn.org  or email: info@phoneandlearn.org  
or call: 0800 055 3276

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