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November 2018
Cheshvan 5779
Issue 109

The days are shorter, the nights are longer - winter is on the way.  It's always great to hear about how your learning partnerships are progressing.  We love hearing the questions that you discuss with your partner, so keep them coming!  You may have finished a specific topic and be wondering what to learn next, call us 0800 055 3276 so we can advise you.   
Upcoming Event
Bereishit - Kickstart A New Era in Your Jewish Learning
Sunday 23rd - Wednesday 26th December 
9:30 - 11:30am
Edgware venue
For more information or to sign up email Rabbi Kurzer or visit: www.seed.uk.net/bereishit
 View full programme here

Did you know?
There are special brachos (blessings) to say upon seeing a rainbow, lighting, hearing thunder. One of the underlying principles in Judaism is that of recognizing G-d in the world around us. Saying these brachos helps us to do so.  You may be interesting in learning more about this or discussing this with your learning partner.     
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