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Issue 22
August 2011 
Av 5771
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New PaL website




This month we're delighted to announce the release of the brand new PaL website! If you haven't already had a chance to visit the site, please do take a look at www.phoneandlearn.org. With an enhanced online registration facility, archives of past newsletters and audio and video files of all our recent events, there's certainly plenty to look at!

Have a wonderful summer

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Judy Silkoff
Programme Coordinator 

Round Up...  
An Overview of Events in the Community


JLE logoJLE, 152-154 Golders Green Road, NW11 8HE  


9th Av Programme  - Tuesday 9th August 2011. (Please wear non-leather shoes). For more information telephone 020 8458 4588.  

*   12.15-1.15pm; 'A Path Through Exile' with Rabbi Aubrey Hersh.  

*   8.30 - 9.15pm; 'To Cry or Not to Cry' with guest speaker Rabbi Reuven Laufer.  


Pal PaL - Phone and Learn, 0800 055 3276


Annual pre-Rosh Hashanah lecture with Rabbi Paysach Krohn; 'The iGeneration: iPod, iPad, iPhone - From Self-Involvement to Self-Improvement'. Tuesday 20 September 2011 at 8pm prompt (doors open at 7.15pm), Finchley Syagogue, Kinloss Gardens N2. For more information email judy@phoneandlearn.org or click here.

Ask the Rabbi
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag...
Q:  I'll be spending the summer holidays with my family in a rural area of France this year. I've heard a rumour that all bread there is kosher and as such, permissable to purchase and eat, without any form of kashrus supervision. Is that true?


A: In the UK and many other countries, bread may contain non-kosher additives, meaning that even if the ingredients seem unproblematic, it is not permitted without some kind of kosher certification.  However, in France, it is common, especially in small bakeries, to produce bread-sticks (baguettes or parisiennes) from only flour and water and on ungreased trays.  As such, if one is in a place where no supervised bread is available, if one can establish from the baker that the product is made in this way, it is permitted.


 The French Consistoire publishes guidelines for this purpose: http://www.consistoire.org/113.la-cacherout/product.phpThey are summarised below:

The bread must not be cooked on greased trays.  Wherever possible, check whether a) the baker cooks things on the same tray that are likely to contain animal fats or cheesy products such as fancy breads, quiche containing bacon or cheese or patisserie and b) if the remains of the sweet pastry from the day before are used to make today's bread. 

This applies only to plain baguettes made from flour and water.  Any bread made from bread-mix is not kosher; this includes most wholemeal and speciality breads.


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Garden of Gratitude  

The Garden of Gratitude
 Rabbi Shalom Arush
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