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Issue 37
November 2012 
Cheshvan / Kislev 5773
Your Direct Line to Jewish Inspiration

Dear Reader,



The Jewish month of Cheshvan is unique in that no festivals or fasts fall during these few weeks. But our Sages tell us that the 27th of the month is the date when Noach left the ark and the earth 'dried out' after the Great Flood. It would seem that Pal Cheshvan provides us with the perfect opportunity to branch out and try something new - both in terms of its association with renewal and rebuilding after the flood, and by dint of the fact that it offers us a long stretch of time to really get our teeth into something!


If you and your PaL are coming to the conclusion of a topic or book you've been exploring for a while, don't hesitate to give us a call in the office to discuss suggested resources for you to move on to! Alternatively, why not take a look at one of the new book releases we're highlighting this month, or the courses and events on offer at other institutions local to you.


Have a wonderful month


Judy Silkoff
Programme Coordinator 
Round Up...
An Overview of Events in the Community
JLE Logo Clear JLE, 152-154 Golders Green Road, NW11 8HE 
Text Master - tools and skills for independent textual learning. A six-week course with Rabbi Reuven Stepsky. Sunday 11th November from 10 - 11.15am, weekly. For more information telephone 020 8458 4588 or email rabbistepsky@jle.org.uk.     

Kesher Logo Kesher, 933 Finchley Road, London NW11 7PE 
South African Friday night dinner for Young Professionals - Friday 16th November, mincha at 4pm followed by dinner at 6pm. £15 if booking before 7th November, £20 thereafter. For more information telephone Dvora on 020 8458 5836 or email connect@kesher.org.uk
seed logo seed, Mowbray House, Edgware HA8 8DJ  

Challenge Seminar, Friday 16th to Sunday 18th November 2012. Venue: Peak District, Derbyshire. For more information telephone Essie on 07866 819 786 or email essie@seed.uk.net


Ask the Rabbi
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag... 

Q:  I recently started a new job and work closely with two other women. I've just found out that one of them is Jewish (her maternal grandmother was Jewish) but she actually considers herself to be Christian. I'd like to give her a small gift for Chanukah, in the hope of sparking some Jewish interest, but my other colleague will be offended if she finds out and I haven't given her one too. Is it OK to give a non-Jew a Christmas present?


A: Giving a small gift to a colleague to mark Chanukah and to spark some interest in Judaism is an excellent idea.  It may lead to a fruitful conversation, or even to an engagement with some kind of Jewish practice.  Consider giving a Menorah, some candles and some guidelines about celebrating Chanukah.  If you feel that a non-Jewish colleague may be offended if you don't give her a gift, mention casually to her that you're reserving her gift for later in the year.  Close to the winter holidays, give her a gift and a 'season's greetings' card or similar.




New Releases

A New Shabbos Soul
 A New Shabbos Soul
Boruch Leff
The Little Book for Big Worries

The Little Book for Big Worries
Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein
(Israel Book Shop)
Touch by the Parsha
Touched by the Parsha
Rabbi Yechiel Spiro
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Torah Treasures
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