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Issue 42
April 2013
Nissan / Iyar 5773



The Jewish month of Iyar is a lovely relaxed month, with the highlight being Lag B'Omer, which this year falls on 28th April. In this month's P@L, our resident 'Ask the Rabbi', Rabbi Belovski, also explains the concept of the 'Second Passover', Pesach sheni, which is marked just four days beforehand.


As the weather warms up and the scents of Spring fill the air, you might be feeling the urge to dust off the cobwebs too - why not take the opportunity to sign up for a course or attend an interesting event? See the Round Up below for lots more information.


Have a great month


Judy Silkoff
Programme Coordinator 
Round Up...
An Overview of Events in the Community
"JLE JLE, 152-154 Golders Green Road, NW11 8HE 
The Power of Speech. With Rabbi Moshe Brandeis. Sundays, 7th - 21st April 2013 at 8pm. For more information telephone 020 8458 4588 or email rabbibrandeis@jle.org.uk
"seed seed, Mowbray House, Edgware HA8 8DJ  

Kesher, 933 Finchley Road, NW11 7PE

Hebrew Reading Crash Course, begins Tuesday 16th April 2013 at 8.30pm for five weeks. For more information email Dvora on connect@kesher.org.uk or telephone 020 8458 5836. 

"seed  seed, Mowbray House, Edgware, Middx, HA8 8DJ

Jewish World and Thought After the Holocaust - three part series with Rabbi Adam Edwards, beginning Tuesday 23rd April 2013, 8 - 9.30pm. For more information email seed@jfs.brent.sch.uk

Ask the Rabbi 
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag... 

Q: I was under the impression that Pesach was done and dusted for this year! But someone recently mentioned something about a second Passover that falls in the Jewish month of Iyar! This was news to me... can you enlighten me?


A: So Pesach is over for another year but there in the diary on 14th Iyar is something called 'Pesach Sheni' - the Second Pesach.  Do we really have to do all the exhausting preparations and Sedarim again?  Thankfully not - once a year is lovely, but quite enough. So what is 'Pesach Sheni'? In ancient times, someone who was ritually impure or far from the Temple on the day the Pesach offering was brought (14th Nissan) was given another chance on 14th Iyar, a month later.  Like the original, the offering was a roasted lamb or goat, eaten with matzah and maror.  However, there was no seven-day festival, no prohibition of chametz and no laborious preparations. Today, when there is no Temple, some people remember the day by simply eating a piece of matzah.

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