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Issue 43
May 2013
Iyar / Sivan 5773

Dear Reader,


Being part of the PaL - Phone and Learn team for the past five years has been both a privilege and a pleasure. It's been so inspiring to watch your partnerships form, grow and enhance your lives. It has also been tremendously exciting to witness the expansion of an organisation that has such an important role to play in the Jewish community, both across the UK and further afield.


This will be my last newsletter as PaL's Programme Coordinator as I am moving this month to a new position in another organisation. You will of course continue to receive the same fantastic service from PaL; from May 3rd I will be handing over to the new Programme Coordinator, Rivka Graham. But I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and the organisation much hatzlacha in the future. 


Warm wishes


Judy Silkoff
Programme Coordinator 
Round Up...
An Overview of Events in the Community

"seed  seed, Mowbray House, Edgware, Middx, HA8 8DJ

Do Marriages have a sell by date? With Rabbi Malcolm Herman. Sunday 19th May at 8pm, £15 per person including supper. For more information email debbie@seed.uk.net.

"JLE JLE, 152-154 Golders Green Road, NW11 8HE 

Young Professional Israel Trip - May 23rd - June 2nd 2013. From £199 for ages 21 to 35. For more information email batsheva@jle.org.uk.

Ask the Rabbi 
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag... 

QThe concept of decorating the synagogue with flowers on Shavuos seems very strange and rather  'Un-Jewish' to me - I'm convinced it must have pagan origins... could you clarify this custom and explain its source? 


A: Go in to many shuls on Shavuos and you'll see beautiful displays of flowers and trees.  In some communities, the Sifrei Torah are decorated with flowers and a chuppah of flowers is constructed over the bimah.  It is said that the source of this custom is a Rabbinic midrash which records that the barren Mount Sinai burst into bloom when the Torah was given upon it.  While near-universal, some authorities felt uncomfortable with this custom, due to its visual similarity to church and even Xmas practices.  In fact, in the 18th century, the Vilna Gaon discontinued the practice in his community, explaining why some shuls, especially in Israel, don't do it.



New Releases

 48 Things, 49 Days
Rabbi Max Weiman
 Let me Join your Nation
Yosef Deutsch
Rav Scheinberg
Rabbi Yechiel Spero
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