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Issue 16
February 2011 
Shvat / Adar I 5771
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Dear Reader,

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It's been a busy few weeks at PaL; new partners and tutors are registering daily, and as the numbers of people learning under our auspices continue to grow,

the PaL team has expanded to match! Nechama Davis has come on board to join Tanya Hackenbroch as Follow Up Coordinator and many of you will likely have the opportunity to 'meet' her on the phone when you call in to the office over the coming weeks.

You can also meet us in person at London Jewish Book Week at the end of the month - if you attend the book fair on either Sunday 27th February or Sunday 6th March, please do come along to our table and introduce yourselves.

 Have a good month!

Warm wishes
Judy Silkoff
Programme Coordinator 

Round Up...  
An Overview of Events in the Community
PaLse.ed, Mowbray House, 58-70 Edgware Way, HA8 8DJ 

"Building Relationships".
Special Event with world renowned author and lecturer Chana Levitan. Wednesday 2nd February, 11am - 1pm. Cost - £5 (or £8 to include salad lunch). Creche facilities available, pre-booking essential. Women only. For more information email charlotte@seed.uk.net.
 AishAish Hendon, 379 Hendon Way, NW4 3LP

Textual based learning for men, on 'Controversial Topics in Judaism'. Every Thursday evening from 10.30-11.30pm with Rabbi Jonny Roodyn. Suitable for men aged 19-30. For more information email jroodyn@aish.org.uk.

JLE logoJLE, 152-154 Golders Green Road, NW11 8HE 

Hitchhikers Guide to the Festivals - a six week course with Rabbi Reuven Stepsky. Begins Monday 28th Feburary at 9.15pm. For more information email rabbistepsky@jle.org.uk. Online pre-booking is available.


Ask the Rabbi
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag...
Q:This year is a Jewish leap year and I've learnt that we add an extra month into the calendar to make up for 'lost days' in the lunar cycle. This means that there are two months of Adar in 5771 - Adar I and Adar II.  Why though do we celebrate Purim in the Adar II rather than Adar I - it doesn't seem logical to me to wait the extra month?
 A: The Jewish calendar is lunisolar: its dates reflect the phases of the moon as well as the time of the solar year. Since the lunar year is approximately 11 days shorter than the solar year, this means that it is necessary to add a lunar month approximately every three years to ensure that the festivals don't slide backwards in the solar calendar. The rabbis elected to add an extra Adar, since it falls at the end of the lunar year (it's month 12). Which leaves the question: in a year with two Adars, like this, in which should Purim be celebrated?



The rabbis discuss this question in the Talmud, concluding that it is preferable to 'juxtapose one redemption to another', which Rashi explains as 'Purim to Pesach'.  Purim is a time of concealed redemption, which continues into the open redemption of Pesach.  We are encouraged to link the two by recognising  Divine responsibility for both.  As such, it is necessary to keep Purim and Pesach just four weeks apart.  In the first Adar, there will be Purim Katan, a minor occasion, which reminds us which day Purim would have been in an ordinary year.

 Partners and Tutors are invited to email questions arising from their PaL learning to asktherabbi@phoneandlearn.org
Recent Book Releases

  Guide to Sabbath Observance

 Guide to Sabbath Observance

Rabbi Eli Pick



Are You Growing? 
 Are you Growing?

Boruch Leff


The Non-Orthodox Jew's Guide to Orthodox Jews

The Non-Orthodox Jew's Guide to Orthodox Jews
David Baum  
(Israel Book Shop)
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