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Issue 58
August 2014
Av 5774
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Dear Reader, 

The summer holidays are finally here and with PaL's flexibility, learning sessions can continue.  No matter where you find yourself in the world, the transition from learning at home to learning abroad requires nothing more than getting to grips with the time difference!  
You can find out about events of interest in our Round Up below.  Or you could simply decide to pick up a new Jewish book to study - take a look at the new releases we've highlighted.     

Wishing you an enjoyable holiday!

Kind regards


Rivka Graham
Programme Coordinator  
Round Up...

An Overview of Events in the Community




Tisha B'av Programme 4th & 5th August 

Out of The Shadows: Dragging anti-semitism into the light  

Full evening and day programme, featuring talks from distinguished speakers, an exhibition on Anti- Semitism, and a selection of poignant films. 

For the full schedule and more info visit the website: www.tikun.co.uk


Jazz on the Green 2

Join us for a free Jazz concert in the heart of West Hampstead, relax with friends & family and meet new people. August 17th 3 - 6pm
Contact R' Moshe on 07977 291 567 or email mmayerfeld@aish.org.uk for more info. 

Tisha B'av and Purim: The Unusual Connection

Rabbi Nachman Selzer

Tuesday 5th August 7:15pm £7

Jewish Care, 221 Golders Green Road, NW11 (ladies only)  

Ask the Rabbi 
with Rabbi Harvey Belovski 
Questions from the PaL Mailbag... 
Q: I have heard that during the nine days one should not eat meat and drink wine, since we are mourning the loss of both Temples.  However when a person is sitting Shiva after losing a close relative, one may eat meat and drink wine.  Why are the nine days more stringent than the Shiva?

A: During the first nine days of Av, leading to the fast on the 9th, we observe a number of mourning restrictions for the loss of the Temple and other tragedies of Jewish history.  Some, like avoiding live music and certain type of celebrations, are similar to those observed by a mourner following the loss of a close relative. Others, like the practice of not eating meat or drinking wine on the weekdays of the nine days, are specific to this time of the year.  Meat and wine remind us of the lost altar in the destroyed Temple, where animals and wine were offered daily, so avoiding them is seasonally appropriate.  There is no comparable restriction for someone bereaved, although wine is only permitted to a mourner as a digestive, not as a celebratory beverage.

New Releases  
Touched by the Parashah
Rabbi Yechiel Spero
Will, Freedom & Destiny
Rabbi Akiva Tatz
(Menucha Publishers)

Gateway to Shemittah
Rabbi Dovid Marchant
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With thanks to PaL's Judaica suppliers Torah Treasures (NW11), Judaica World (Manchester) and Brauns Judaica (N16) a 10% discount is offered on every book purchase made for your PaL partnership!

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