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HAMODIA - PaL Review of the Year 5771

As 5771 draws to a close PaL , Phone and Learn, is delighted to welcome Rabbi Paysach Krohn to the UK once again, to deliver his hugely popular pre-Rosh Hashanah lecture to the community.

This year, Rabbi Krohn will speak on the topic of ‘The iGeneration – iPod, iPad, iPhone – from Self-Improvement to Self-Involvement’. The shiur’s title has already generated a great amount of interest and will no doubt, as always, inject the kehilla with a strong dose of inspiration and chizuk.

Of course, in a year that has seen the number of partners learning under the PaL umbrella increase steadily, one group of people who emphatically cannot be accused of too much self-involvement is the organisation’s dedicated team of tutors. By giving an hour of their time to learn with a fellow Jew over the phone once a week, PaL tutors are making an incredible difference to the lives of those distanced from Yiddishkeit, both spiritually and physically. From the lady whose entire knowledge of Judaism and the Jewish way of life comes from a secular Israeli kibbutz, to the elderly gentleman whose wife has just passed away and is having his first encounter with a shul in over 50 years, it is PaL tutors who are ensuring that these souls can find their path.

Of course, Phone and Learn does not rest on its laurels and is constantly searching for ways to offer both  partners and tutors the latest opportunities in terms of learning materials and resources. In recent months, the organisation launched a brand new website for the purpose of online registrations, which it hopes will make the programme even more appealing to those in the wider community. This facility also makes Rabbi Krohn’s shiurim of recent years available for free in both audio and video format.

Rabbi Krohn will be speaking for PaL on September 20th 2011 at the Finchley United Synagogue, Kinloss Gardens N3. As always, both men and women are welcome to attend, and separate seating is available.

For more information about PaL or to register as a tutor or partner, telephone 0800 055 3276 or email info@phoneandlearn.org

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