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Cheesecake at the table, Torah on the phone

Just as fashion designs come in and out of style with the passing of the seasons, so do trends in the world of cheesecake. One year it was Israeli chocolate triangle cake that was all the rage – and the next, everyone was baking digestive biscuit bases with low-fat cheese and fruit toppings. This year, however, you can expect to be eating a lot of pieces of cheesecake brownie , thanks to PaL, Phone and Learn!

PaL has distributed hundreds of beautifully designed recipe cards featuring luscious cheesecake brownies to kosher stores the length and breadth of the UK. Customers in Glasgow, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Manchester and London will be able to pick up the cards for free in the run-up to Shavuos – and PaL is hoping that the flavour of the food will inspire them to take a taste of Torah learning as well! Programme Coordinator Mrs Judy Silkoff explains: “The cheesecake brownies are really delicious – I’ve made them myself for my family and they were certainly appreciated! But more importantly, we’re hoping people will remember that Shavuos has far greater significance than tasty cheesecake. This special Yom Tov can be the perfect springboard for them to decide to delve further into their Jewish heritage – and that’s where PaL comes in.”

PaL currently has some 500 people learning weekly under its auspices; tutors receive full support from the PaL team, including pre-Yom Tov resource packs, tutor training information and advice on appropriate books and courses of study. For more information or to sign up as a partner or tutor, telephone 08000 J-LEARN (553 276) or email judy@phoneandlearn.org.

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