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HAMODIA - PaL Leads the Way With Outstanding Acclaim

 During 5773, Phone and Learn  (PaL) has continued to grow and expand, constantly finding new ways to bring learning opportunities to Jews, whether they are living in Izmir, Turkey; Aujan-Mournede, France; Trier, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; or within the UK.  PaL successfully offers everyone a connection to their Judaism, no matter where they live.

As PaL continues to spread its wings, the need for tutors increases.  At this time of year - when self-reflection and growth are at the forefront of our minds - why not sign up as a PaL tutor? Being a PaL tutor gives you the flexibility to decide what, when and where you teach.  Often, the tutor will give us feedback that they are gaining as much if not more than their PaL partner from the experience.  While their partner is also gaining tremendously, signing up to PaL is an opportunity not only to give to someone else, but also for self-development.  

Here is what a selection of PaL tutors had to say: Faigy Shwartz from Manchester said, "As much as I am the 'tutor,' I feel that my partner teaches me just as much, if not more." Mendy Stern from Manchester noted, "Watching my PaL partner grow and improve in his Torah knowledge is an inspiration for me.  He is so committed to our weekly learning session."

Debbie Adler from Golders Green commented, "As a tutor, I gain far more from the partnership than my PaL! She is so inspiring, wanting to grow more and more.  Nothing can compare to that feel-good factor you get right after a PaL session!" 

Rutie Cohen from Golders Green remarked, "Being a PaL tutor has helped me learn the 'whys' of the Jewish things that I do, unfortunately too often, with-out thinking!"

Aron Bamberger from Golders Green said, "PaL has changed my life, for the better.  Initially I was nervous about taking the plunge and becoming a PaL tutor, but now I wouldn't give it up for anything!"

Ruchi Cohen from Stamford Hill commented, "As much as my PaL partner is growing through her commitment to learning, I enjoy reviewing the subject matter and then studying it with my partner, so I get to learn it twice! I am really grateful for this opportunity."

Programme Coordinator Rivka Graham said, "It is wonderful to see people conquer geographical boundaries and connect with each other for their weekly learning sessions.  PaL looks forward to welcoming many more tutors, to enable us to further our reach and allow Jews from all over the world to reconnect to their heritage."

Once again, PaL is delighted to welcome Rabbi Paysach Krohn to the UK, to deliver his hugely popular pre-Rosh Hashanah lecture to the community.  This year Rabbi Krohn's talk is entitled, 'Reawakening our Passion - for Hashem, the Torah and Each Other'.  The lecture will no doubt inject the community with a strong dose of inspiration and chizuk that everyone can benefit from at this time of year.  Rabbi Krohn will be speaking on Monday 2nd September 2013 at Finchley Synagogue (Kinloss).  Both men and women are welcome to attend.     

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