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JEWISH TRIBUNE - Strengthening the fire of Torah

The London community was treated to an inspiring and thought-provoking pre-Rosh Hashonoh lecture by the renowned Maggid and best-selling author Rabbi Paysach Krohn.  The telephone-learning organisation PaL arranged the annual event in North West London, at the Finchley United Synagogue, which was once again extremely well attended, with over 1100 men and women packed into Kinloss for this much anticipated event in the communal calendar.

The overriding theme running through the lecture was that a person is able to change by refocusing on one moment - yesh koneh olomo be'sho'oh achas, and by continuously imroving oneself with slow and steady changes one will be able to acheive great things.  As always, Rabbi Krohn brought a repertoire of new stories with him to the UK, designed to highlight how people can display exemplary levels of chesed, be it by forgiving someone who wronged you, giving chizuk to a friend or classmate, making someone feel special, or by reaching out to others and teaching them Torah.

Rabbi Krohn focused on the fact that on Rosh Hashonoh, Hashem is renewing His relationship with the Jewish people and therefore although it is an extremely important day, we should realise there is an element of simchas as well.  He explained that the more we display chesed in our interaction with other people, the more Hashem will judge us favourably for the coming year.

Rabbi Krohn highlighted how mitzvos are compared to candles and when the winds of secularism come along, candles can get blown out.  Torah is compared to fire, and when there is a strong fire and a wind comes along it makes the fire even stronger.  In order to stregthen ourselves against damaging or negative influences, he declared, we should increase out Torah learning.  "And what better way to do that than by sharing it with others by becoming a PaL tutor," urged Rabbi Krohn,

In the words of Dov Harris, chairman of PaL: "The reason to sign up as a PaL tutor is not just for the person who will be learning more; not just for your family to whom you will be setting a tremendous example; but for it for yourself...because when you learn with a PaL partner, your life will be different." 

For more information about PaL or to register as a tutor or partner, text TUTOR to 80818, call 0800 055 3276 or email info@phoneandlearn.org.  In the parting words of Rabbi Krohn, "Life in North West London can be easy and comfortable, but in 5774 what will we be doing for the children of Klal Yisroel?"

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