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HAMODIA - PaL Tutor Training Forum

Tutors with PaL (Phone and Learn), the UK's leading telephone-learning organisation, recently attended a Tutor Training Forum evening.  The event, held in NW London for PaL's women tutors, was an opportunity for tutors to engage with Rebbetzin Joanne Dove, SEED's senior educator, in an informal setting.

Rebbetzin Dove gena the session with overall advice on establihshing a good rapport when speaking on the phone and how to deal with complex questions of halachah and hashkafah.  Rebbetzin Dove emphasised that in order to build good communication with your PaL partner, it is essential to connect on a personal level.  She said that the more connections people have with Yiiddishkeit the better - for example, by educating people about their own personal Jewish heritage, such as their family's place of origin.

The second part of the event took a question-and-answer format.  Topics covered included "How much emphasis should we place on practical observance?" and "How to keep the initial enthusiasm going?"

Tutors discussed their experiences with their PaL partners and gained chizuk and excellant advice from Rebbetzin Dove and also from fellow tutors.

In feedback after the event, PaL tutor Esther said, "The Tutor Training Forum was extremely interesting and informative.  It was also great to meet other PaL tutors and hear about their experiences."

PaL tutor Sharon remarked, "It was so beneficial, really relevant to situations we find ourselves in."

PaL Programme Coordinator Mrs Rivka Graham commented, "We are delighted that our initial Tutor Training Forum was able to deliver so much useful advice and inspiration to our dedicated PaL tutors.  We hope to run other similar tutor training sessions in the future and to continue providing PaL tutors with ongoing support and resources."  

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