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The PaL, Phone and Learn, year will culminate on September 5th with the popular Pre-Rosh Hashanah lecture from Rabbi Paysach Krohn. Since Rabbi Krohn last spoke for PaL in 5769, the organisation has seen many areas of expansion.

One notable change has been the number of people on the European continent as well as in South Africa and Australia signing up to learn through PaL as both partners and tutors. As reported in the press recently, the organisation is able to successfully coordinate this huge operation not only due to the flexibility of its programme (learning over the phone or via the computer at times and days to suit the user) but also as a result of innovative resource materials; special packs dispatched by post or email before every yom tov, complimentary pin numbers to ensure tutors do not end up with huge telephone bills and the brand new, unique PaL Tutor Training Pack.

Of course, PaL remains fully committed as ever to the hundreds of people learning under its auspices on home ground! In May 2010 the organisation carried out comprehensive surveys of both partners and tutors, with over 90 percent of respondents rating the service 'very good' to 'excellent'. Never one to sit on its laurels, PaL has already implemented some of the new ideas that came to light as a result of the survey; all tutors have been provided with a list of Jewish libraries in their area so that they can 'try before they buy' when it comes to choosing which books to study with their PaLs. Special 'themed' resource packs are also in the pipelines for 5771, as a direct result of requests from PaL partners.

In 5770 the PaL team put in appearances at the sem/yeshiva fair in October, a business breakfast of the Temple Fortune BNI (Business Network Initiative) in the spring and the Tribe Closing the Gap Dinner in Jerusalem just before Shavuos. Indeed in the run up to Shavuos the PaL flavour could be found in kosher stores all over the UK, as it urged the community to try-out a sumptuous recipe for cheesecake brownies before signing up to a taste of Torah learning!

Perhaps the best accolade for PaL this year comes from a fifty-something semi-retired learning partner from London who commented: "That you have provide this learning over the telephone is a brilliant idea! It has given adults like me who are thirsty for Torah the opportunity to learn together that we might never otherwise have had."

For more information or to sign up as a partner or tutor telephone 0800 055 3276 or email judy@phoneandlearn.org.

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