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HAMODIA - Rabbi Paysach Krohn Inspires at PaL event

The London community was treated to an inspiring and thought-provoking pre-Rosh Hashanah lecture by the renowned maggid and best-selling author Rabbi Paysach Krohn.  The telephone-learning organisation PaL arranged the annual event in North West London, at Finchley United Syngaogue.  Once again it was extremely well attended with over 1,100 men and women streaming in for one of the most anticipated events in the communal calendar.  

The overriding theme running through the lecture, which was sponsored by Anthony and Loauren Moshal in memory of her late mother, Rivka bas Yaakov, a"h, was that after the recent events in Eretz Yisrael, Klal Yisrael has no choice - we must change for the better in the year 5775.  As always, Rabbi Krohn brought a repertoire of new stories with him to the United Kingdom, designed to highlight how people can, and should, display exemplary levels of kiddush Hashem.  He urged us to do this by going the extra mile to pur others at ease, having a positive influence on people with whom we come into contact, or by reaching out to teach Torah to those who want to learn more.

Rabbi Krohn focused on the fact that one of the main principles in Yiddishkeit is emes and that excelling in this area brings us closer to Hashem.  He brought examples of the Manchester Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Yehuda Ze'ev Segal, zt"l, Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky, zt"l, and others who were extremely careful in the area of honesty.

Rabbi Krohn highlighted how "tzedakah tazil mimaves" and how we should try and help others, especially in cases where we do not necessarily get credit and recognition for it.  "Maybe our task for the year ahead is to give tzedakah behind the scenes to help others anonymously, and Hashem will give us credit" suggested Rabbi Krohn.  

In the words of Dov Harris, chairman of PaL, "As we reach the tenth anniversary of PaL, there is so much still to do to respond to the wider community's thirst for learning across the United Kingdom.  We are indebted to our wonderful tutors and look forward to welcoming many more men and women to sign up as PaL tutors."


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