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JEWISH TRIBUNE - Gaps filled with meaning

Phone and Learn - PaL, the UK's leading telephone based Jewish learning programme, have been meeting a group of European students currently in the FZY gap year programme in Bat Yam, Israel.    Abigail Burman, PaL's Follow-up Coordinator based in Israel, interacted with the group of 18-19 year old students as their nine-month programme of studying, volunteering, travelling and experiencing life in Israel winds down.  She explained the premise of the PaL programme, inviting them to register for a one-to-one telephone learning partnership in any Jewish topic of their choice.

The students' interest was piqued by PaL's innovative 'Wherever, Whenever, Whatever' structure.  After the presentation, the students spoke to Abigail while enjoying a delicious sushi lunch.  Many students expressed interest in learning with PaL once their programme is over.  One commented, "It would be great to have the opportunity to learn more about basic Jewish concepts."  Another remarked, "I would like to learn about the weekly Parsha, I don't think I have done so since I was in primary school." 

Spending a gap year in Israel can be a wonderful and life-changing opportunity.  PaL works together with gap year programmes to provide a flexible, convenient, and tailor-made way to continue the learning and Jewish development students have acheived during this year.

PaL Programme Coordinator Rivka Graham added: "It was a great opportunity for PaL to forge a connection with the FZY students.  Although the majority of the students were from the UK and might hear about PaL once they begin studying in university, a handful were from Sweden and Austria, and PaL's flexible learning allows them to continue their Jewish development wherever they are based.  All this would not be possible without our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer tutors.  If you have an hour a week to give, at your own convenience, to a fellow Jew who has not had the same educational opportunities as you, please don't hesitate to get in touch to register as a tutor." 

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