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Telephone learning organisation PaL, Phone and Learn, was once again invited to Eretz Yisrael  in May to speak to British gap year students at the Tribe ‘Closing the Gap’ dinner. The event, held at the OU Centre in Jerusalem, was attended by teenagers coming to the end of their year-long programmes with FZY and Bnei Akiva among others. Some 65 young men and women signed up to learn under the organisation’s auspices on their return to the UK – the process of matching them with appropriate tutors will begin during the summer break before they begin their respective university courses.

Menachem Salasnik, who coordinates FZY’s Shevet track, commented, “I’m really delighted that so many students who participated in Shevet this year have decided to continue their Jewish journey with PaL. The programme is perfect for university students who will be dispersed all around the country, keeping them connected to Yiddishkeit wherever they happen to be.”

While in Israel, PaL Programme Coordinator Judy Silkoff also visited a number of seminaries, including BYA and Michlala Yerushalayim, to speak to girls about signing up as tutors. Some 25 girls enthusiastically registered their interest, and received a special thank you gift from the organisation with a taste of home – a PaLbranded Grodzinski’s biscuit!

PaL, launched in the UK in early 2005, has grown exponentially in recent years, allowing hundreds of people in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia to explore Judaism in greater depth, with the flexibility afforded by telephone learning. There is always a great need for new tutors, who should not underestimate the difference they can make to someone else’s life.

Several years after their civil wedding in a registry office, Rob Lindsay married his wife Carole under a chupa in the garden of PaL’s Rabbi Zvi Belovski. Carole was already growing in spiritual awareness as a result of her regular learning with PaL, so Rob took the plunge and signed up to learn as well.  He observed recently, “Phone and Learn is one of the invaluable 'alarm clocks' for me to withdraw from the secular world into the religious realm - I wish I'd done it sooner!”


To register with PaL as either a tutor or partner telephone 0800 055 3276 or email info@phoneandlearn.org.

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