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Tutors volunteering with telephone learning organisation PaL, Phone and Learn, are to be the beneficiaries of a new PaL Tutor Training Pack,- a first for kiruv organisations in this country.

The Pack, which will be sent to all PaL tutors, comprises a six-disc jewel case, which includes four audio shiurim (from Rabbi Mordechai Becher, Rabbi Zev Leff,  Rabbi Dovid Refson and Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz) and a video dvd. The three shiurim on the DVD were given by renowned speakers Rabbi Leib Keleman, Rabbi Dovid Roberts  and Rabbi Yehuda Silver and were recorded exclusively for PaL. Additionally, the pack comes with a handy Question and Answer booklet. The booklet poses some of the most common questions raised in one-to-one kiruv training, with responses coming from Rabbi Roberts and Rabbi Silver, as well as Rabbi Aubrey Hersh.

PaLProgramme Coordinator Mrs Judy Silkoff explains: “At PaL we pride ourselves on the high level of support we provide not only to our partners, but also to our incredibly dedicated tutors, who so willingly make time in their busy schedules to reach out to others in the wider Jewish community. Ongoing training is extremely useful for those who engage in one-to-one learning, but with our tutors spread all over the country and even further afield, it’s almost impossible to arrange group seminars that can accommodate everyone. That’s why we’re so excited about the PaL Tutor Training Pack. Our tutors will be able to listen to the audio lectures in their cars, during their lunch hours or at home, and can also dip in and out of the video dvd when convenient.”

It is to be hoped that the PaL Tutor Training Pack will continue benefiting tutors, and by definition their learning partners, for the foreseeable future!

For more information about PaL, or to register as a tutor or a partner, telephone 0800 055 3276 or email judy@phoneandlearn.org.

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